Solo Show at Studio K, Amsterdam

Pyrographies: Glass/Paper

Opening February 1 14:00 –18:00 through Feb 28

Studio K

Timorplein 62, Amsterdam

This is a casual solo show in a combination art space- film, performance, concerts, cafe, lounge, gallery.

I am showing 8 pieces, including one very large wall piece.  The space is not a normal gallery, so although it misses some of the elegance and restraint of the traditional white cube, it is very active, happy and full of people – day and night! I hope the work is well received in this context. Here are some photos from the first day:

IMG_0402 IMG_0370

Outside Studio K                                            Artwork in the busy lounge

STA_0376 IMG_0373

The largest piece in the back room                                            Sanne Broks is the curator for Studio K

We are arranging a CLOSING PARTY for later in the month, send an email if you want details…

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