Plantage Etalage show

This show is up until 31 October, in a great location! It’s across from Artis Zoo in Amsterdam, and it’s a window show, so it’s open all the time, you can just stoll by. I am very happy that PuntSpatie has given its window to artists, as the foot traffic to the zoo is amazing….

New show in October

Installing in the first week of October: New work at Plantage Etalage- Puntspatie Plantage Kerklaan 45/bg Amsterdam This will be the second show at this window gallery, across from Artis.  

New Work, new studio

Van Tetterode has moved into an impressive new space in Amsterdam Noord. In February I got a chance to check it out. It’s a huge open space, with high ceilings and offices on the upper floors surrounding a lot of workspace. A great place to blow glass! And of course it’s such an endeavor to…

Water Dragon installation at Rakow Library, Corning, NY

This work is installed in Corning Museum’s Rakow Library as part of the “Curious and Curiouser” show, up until February 2019. Thanks very much to Rebecca Hopman and Dr. Karol Wight for including this work in this show about unusual uses of glass.