From the studio: New Large-Scale Piece in Progress


Here is a picture of very big piece I just started on in the last month. It’s the largest I’ve ever made. This is only the first 1/4 of it- 90″ wide by 80″ tall. It will be a large pile of amphoras, with a sort of reflection underneath. I hope to show it in Amsterdam sometime in the Fall after it is completed. For now, the Vrij Glas studio is closed for the summer, and the furnaces are off. This month, I am in New York to see friends and family, and hopefully take a look at museums and galleries too.


IMG_0359  This is a little piece I started on before leaving Amsterdam. It’s not quite done in this photo; what are these things that I am drawing? Maybe they are flowers, seaforms like coral, or animals. At any rate, I think they have to “grow” a little bit more to fill out the page.