New Spring Work in Progress

Birth Flower Birth in Process  Birth Flower Birth

In Process- Growth, Flowering, Decline                   Almost done!

It is Spring at the studio, and these recent pieces are a lot about growing, branching and interconnections- supportive systems. They are floral and botanical, and when I work on them, I like to imagine that they are growing across the paper.

Small Hands 3

This smaller piece is about the way that rain looks on a lake.

I am reading and thinking about ruins, as a counterpart to Spring’s cycle.
Here, from Michael Roth “Irresistible Decay: Ruins Reclaimed” 1998, Getty Research Institute:

Ruins here not only signal mortality, they point at a deep belonging to the natural world, a world that is less our inevitable tomb than our eternal home… the poet walking among the ruins does not feel the terror of the sublime but instead is swept along by nature’s capacity to integrate different stages of human development into a balanced whole. Nature is not perceived as devouring the works of men and women so much as welcoming them back.