New Work, new studio

Van Tetterode has moved into an impressive new space in Amsterdam Noord. In February I got a chance to check it out. It’s a huge open space, with high ceilings and offices on the upper floors surrounding a lot of workspace. A great place to blow glass! And of course it’s such an endeavor to open a new studio, the amount of equipment installation and investment in the building is really hard to imagine. I am very pleased to be able to rent time here occasionally. Congratulations to Caroline Prisse and the whole van Tetterode team, this is really an achievement!


It’s so awesome to work in a space like this, all by myself!


So, some pieces went well- and those I will show when they are done. But I thought it was nice to also show that lots of these pieces fail as well! Maybe 25% of everything I make is not really good enough. Here is one that I overworked. It got too burned and black, so I tore it up. But first I took a picture. Too bad, but it’s part of the work, and I learn to slow down and be more careful.


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