Anne Gant Pyrographies

Anne Gant Pyrographies
Carr Gottstein Gallery APU Campus
August 5th-28th

Photos from recent solo show in Anchorage, Alaska, and a review in the local paper. I showed one large wall pieces (9 panels) and 7 smaller pieces.

The show was paired with a show by my mother, Alice Gant, who is a fiber artist. It was an honor to have solo shows simultaneously, and great fun to show in adjacent galleries. We saw a lot of old friends while we were in Alaska, and also caught up with the art scene there- including admiring the gorgeous new Anchorage Museum building.

Check out the review here:
Two Generations

We also got some nice pre-show press in the Anchorage Daily news, with color photos of our artwork, and even an article about a bike route to all the openings on First Friday, including a stop at our shows.

In the gallery

Small Excavation

Welcome Home

A Cautionary Tale of Great Abundance

Spirit Chandelier

Unpacking the artwork with mom- the portfolios were sent from Amsterdam, Brooklyn and my gallery in Corning. Lots of coordination to get everything together.

The biggest one had its own wall- Midden and Moraine

The Carr-Gottstein Gallery- you can see the artwork inside

Photos from the opening- many people watched the video by Jata Haan with Pinaki’s music.
Opening photos by Becky Voris.

Northern Lights

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