New small works -July

Here are some quick studio shots of just-completed work, I hope you will check back to see them once they are cozily settled in a gallery, because they always look nicer when they are photographed correctly- these photos were taken on the day they came out of the glassblowing studio. This blog is a chance to see behind the scenes and to see the newest thing when it is “fresh”, so here they are!:

“The Visitor Epergne”
“The Winged Epergne”

both 30 in high by 22.25 inches wide

“Residual Sparkle”
and a detail shot…
30 in high x 44.5 inches wide

“Epergne for the Wanderer”
26.25 inches high x 19 inches wide

These new small pieces are destined for New York.

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