Making New Work



Last week and this coming week, I am in the Vrij Glas studio in Zaandam, making work in preparation for the show in Corning, NY in June. Here is a peek at two of the new pieces in progress. This show will have a lot of pieces in it which are fanciful, hopeful and a bit “sparkly.”

Each new piece is a challenge; I never know if they will turn out well, and there is some risk involved: although the glass can be recycled, if the paper burns too much, or burns incorrectly, there is nothing to do but start again. So far however, I am pleased with many of the results for this group of work. I look forward to presenting the new work to you here, once it is ready for the show!




Outside the studio: The weather is great in Amsterdam and Zaandam lately. We take lunch breaks out here at the table. I rarely want to stop blowing glass, but once I sit out here in the sun, it seems like a shame to waste the day inside with the hot furnace!




Inside the studio: I’ve got work in progress covering the whole space, stretching all the way from the front to the back!

Feel free to send comments or questions, and I hope to see you at the show in June.

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