Winter Solstice Update

Happy Holidays Everyone, and best wishes for a wonderful, lucky and healthy 2009! We are starting to turn the corner towards spring and warmer weather- and that’s welcome news… I can see my breath at the studio and everyone crowds around the furnace to keep warm…

I was in the studio the other day, enjoying one last day of hot glass before Vrij Glas (Vrij Glas new site here) closes for the holiday season. We had a great day- Durk Valkema made crusty bread in the annealers in the morning, Anna Carlgren offered us spectacular homemade croquettes of pheasant and zuurkool, and traditional Swedish buns (kanelbullar) that they’d stayed up till 2am making the night before. We ate truffle cheese from Italy, drank far too many espressos made with Gimme Coffee‘s Platinum Blonde on Durk’s fancy new espresso machine…  I put the finishing touches on some pieces for a show at Studio K in February (more on that soon!) and worked on some pieces to be shipped to Belvedere Gallery in Atlanta, who are doing a fantastic job lately of selling my work in the states. In the late afternoon, we used the last of the glass in the tanks to try to make some old-school barometers – they are still out there in the annealers, so we’ll have to wait until next year to find out if they actually work.

Thanks Wyke Valkema for the photos of me and my work in progress… and that’s a Scott Benefield glass piece with Anna’s bun, lower right.

IMG_1591 (1) IMG_1588

IMG_1582 Bun Glass