Travels light, easy to install!

Ann Welles, curator of the Houghton Gallery at 171 Cedar Arts Center in Corning, NY just wrote in her newsletter:

“… the award for most compactly condensed artwork has to go to Anne Gant.  Two of the pieces Anne had in Cutting Edge (2007) were over 7 feet wide (some of the largest we have shown in the Houghton Gallery) but they were made up of separate pieces of paper.  The first time I ever saw Anne, she was walking up Cedar Street, all of her artwork sandwiched neatly between a few pieces of cardboard.  Allen Bentley’s U-Haul truck had just pulled away from the curb.”

It’s true- when we were installing this show, I brought everything up on the Greyhound bus in 1 portfolio, and we put up the show in less than 3 hours. One of the best things about working with paper is that it is easy to pack; compact and light, and fast to install.