Belvedere Showroom, Atlanta, GA

Wink (Stars) “Wink (Stars) 25 in high x 54 wide. Paper burned by hot glass.

Archaeology  “Archaeology” 54 in high, 72 in wide. Paper burned by hot glass.

We started with a summer glass exhibition in June 2007, and Belvedere Showroom continues to carry my artwork through the present day. They do a nice job presenting each piece, so here you can see how they look when they are framed. If you are in Atlanta, please stop by and see the work.

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  1. Jan Cummings says:

    I’m writing because I have seen your work and LOVE it!!!! I’m here in Atlanta, Georgia and was wondering if you sell directly to individuals and designers? I’m looking for 2 same size pieces around 60″ H X 52″W.
    Jan Cummings
    JPC Designs

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