Friction- Anderson Studio Gallery, Albuquerque, New Mexico

FrictionAlbuquerque Web Design
1. The rubbing of one object or surface against another.
2. Conflict, as between persons having dissimilar ideas or interests; clash.
3. Physics: A force that resists the relative motion or tendency to such motion of two bodies in contact.

FRICTION > a juried group art exhibition   Artists Artwork Juror’s Statement

ANNE GANT > Brooklyn, NY

“Epergne 3”
Paper with glass burn marks

My work addresses friction in two ways- technically and conceptually.
Friction as heated exchange- the technical operation: Technically, the work is made by pressing molten blown glass objects into paper- the contact of these two items creates fire and smoke. The paper burns, leaving a detailed mark of the contact point. That contact, and the print left behind by the impact is evidence of a type of friction- an encounter, and an exchange of heat.
Friction as tension between memory and reality- the conceptual operation: Conceptually, these pieces are about a recorded occurrence- the artwork acts as a map to a moment in time when a pile of hot glass impacted on sheets of paper, and burned them. The viewer can see these works as objects in the present moment- looking at burned paper for what it is. But these pieces can also be viewed as “ruins”, or the residue from something that happened. Many people who look at these ask me about the glass- where it is now?, what happened to it?… these questions, this longing for reconstruction and recreation, the sense of loss, and something missing, is a key element in these pieces. I feel it’s similar to the emotions I get when I see an historically preserved ruin- there is this friction between what I’m seeing NOW, what I imagine it might have been, and what it really was, which I can never know. Each tense (now, the imagined past, the unknowable real past) all resonate against each other, and collide without reconciliation. They cause a sense of temporal vertigo in me, a friction between reality and memory.
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